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Poverty: The Solution. Finally!

Poverty should be eradicated. Everyone says so.  I realized however, that  instead of eliminating a condition (poverty),  akin to eliminating words from dictionaries, we should eliminate those that have the condition. Like, we can’t eliminate bad weather, but we should eliminate unfit buildings so the condition called weather has no effect.

This thesis  stands on the shoulders of our forbears —  simply extending Johnathon Swift’s 1729 genius proposal, too modestly called A Modest Proposal .  Intended to solve poverty resulting from the Irish Potato Famine, he advised poor mothers to sell their excess babies for food.  Thus a proper (but unGoogleable) title for this essay would be

A Modest Proposal 2.0

In 1992, Swift’s idea, was resurected and repackaged by none other than the United Nations, whose Agenda 21 aims to reduce human population by 93%.  If properly organized by the masterminds, a 93% reduction should pretty much take care of the poor. No more worries,  late rent, calls from collectors … and lots of empty houses to chose from.

Getting rid of 93% of 7 billion people is no mean feat.  Hitler’s  elimination of just a few millions was terribly botched. Khmer Rouge the Cambodian runner up, was no more successful. Just how does one go about getting rid of so many useless eaters?

Economic theory says that  a successful long-term operation must be self sustaining. Greed is the best motivator and profit the best expression of greed. Therefore, internal profitability is essential to the task, though a few corporate psychopaths would certainly help.

Traditional Solutions

War, once the primary reducer, isn’t so effective these days –you’ll be surprised to learn that  war casualties have been declining for centuries.  As Hitler discovered, getting rid of so many bodies is  cumbersome and unprofitable. Even bullets, cheap as they are, have their own disadvantage since groups like Amnesty International insist on digging up the bodies. How inefficient is that? New promising solutions from Africa, in the form of child soldiers trained to hack their prey to pieces, has been unfortunately been deemed unacceptible. Meddlers!

Margaret Atwood’s super-efficient Soylent Green solution, envisaged in her novel Year of The Flood, suffers from a self defeating logic. In order to eat humans, there must be enough people left to do the eating. The mechanized process she envisioned (vats, grinders, etc.) requires industrial investment, which is normally motivated by growth. But if one consumes one’s supply, the business must  inexorably shrink. A mining model, based on ever diminishing ore, is inapplicable because mining is an ongoing business whereas Agenda 21 is a singular endeavor.

Poisoning is the traditional method of getting rid of people. Arsenic and hemlock were the murderers’ friend in centuries past until forensic meddlers sprang up.  Big Pharma has tried numerous times to find the perfect poison, relabeled to ‘medicine’. Oxycontin and Thalidomide spring to mind, but as the reader will appreciate, only a relative few were persuaded to imbibe these offerings. We must liquidate billions.

Vaccines would have had great potential, but for the ineptness of the  US medical system that pokes needles into kids so often compared to other countries, that the entire regime is called into question. Besides, the side effects (Autism etc.)  generate picayune profits that only distract.  Stay focused.

In all this litany of failure, there is one unsung hero: Fluoridation. Fluoridation is the art of slipping small but persistent quantities of toxic mine waste into municipal tap water, under the guise of protecting kid’s teeth, especially poor kids, the exact focus of our plan. The bluntness of this instrument is more than compensated by the sheer brilliance of its execution. To wit:

  1. Municipalities are persuaded to actually pay for this waste, a neurotoxin no less, adding to the profits of  phosphate fertilizer mining companies.
  2. Dentists increased their profits by treating a consequential condition called fluorosis, which now exceeds profits from the cavity business– which they claim, has declined as a result of fluoridation.  Activists are so silly these days they can’t even get the point across that it was brushing not fluoride that reduced cavities!  Whew.
  3. Government bureaucrats have even found a way to profit, since highly paid experts are required to fend off antifluoridation activists while other colleagues dissemble  truth away from the tiny fraction of poor petitioners whose health is  demonstrably jeopardized, despite the ongoing effort to suppress symptoms, or at least awareness.

The  problem with Fluoridation is that, while it renders populations nicely stupid and brittle as fluoride accumulates respectively in the brain (lower IQ) or bones (osteoporosis), there is no final drop dead date or trigger mechanism and the job simply takes too long.  One could increase fluoride concentrations but unfortunately, developments have forced the opposite, to ensure the toxin stays under the radar, so to speak.

Cosmetics are similar to fluoridation in that women and increasingly men, are persuaded  to smear a generally toxic mixture on their skin, the single largest organ of the body. Profits are stupendous, both up front for sales and downstream for the cancer industry that pretends to fix everyone up again. As with fluoridation though, we just can’t wait.

Novel attempts abound. Nuclear power stations have been located on earthquake prone areas – a Japanes specialty.  Russians prefer to burn their nukes. Oh those Russians. Americans,  imaginative as always, are now fracking under a nuclear waste storage facility. Unlike atomic war, which is rather unpredictable as regards the 1%, the nuclear poison option is clumsy and slow acting. Between Fukushima, and Chernoble, not nearly enough people died for our purposes. Pity.

Obviously, in order for this project to succeed, somethincg radical is required. Ebola? WMD? Bio weaponry? Religious war? Genocide? As we have seen, these suffer similar drawbacks: unpredictablility, unprofitable, meddlers, etc. Sigh.

The Final Solution

Fortunately, several orchestrated phenomenon have emerged that while not necessarily interesting, speedy, profitable or predictable, nonetheless are doing the job.

1. Birth control and abortion– very effective. In Canada alone, approximately 100,000 abortions are performed per year which suggests 4 million souls are missing from the economy.  This makes the emerging pension issue very interesting as boomers wonder who will fund their retirement. Groups such as Rockefeller founded Planned Parenthood are very effective at encouraging the necessary social acceptance of sex without consequences. At least till the Aids virus came along. But at least AIDS works in the right direction – profit and elimination.

Related item: Reduction of public health programs  such as  elimination of prenuptial blood tests that hitherto discouraged the spread of genetic/ blood disorders.  Why eliminate a profit center, right?

2. Gay marriage. There is no better way to reduce population than by segregating the sexes. A few manage to induce pregnancies with a variety of technologies, but by and large, gay marriage delivers. For people who aren’t quite sure if they are gay or not, every inducement is offered including school classes that tout coming out, festive Gay Pride Parades, harsh treatment for critics of this regime in Human Rights Tribunals, plenty of taxpayer funded supports and coverage in CBC, Canada’s national radio, etc. With all the excitement and media attention, not to mention hormonal chemicals in the environment, the portion of gays in the population seems to have grown from just a few % 100 years ago, to 15 to 25% today or multiples of that in prison. Talk about progress!

3. Debauchery. Anything goes these days from public fornication (pride parades, theatres) wardrobe malfunctions, drug injection sites, legalization of pot and prostitution, etc. Whether the falling birthrate is correlation or causation really doesn’t matter, although evidence is coming in that such licentiousness actually increases what must be considered the ultimate form of population reduction- PIED – porn induced erectile dysfunction! If ancient peoples are anything to go by, we should start to see people throwing their expensive and unwanted children off cliffs soon enough. Profits are enormous and governments want their share, so the boom continues despite old biddies wringing their hands in the few churches still occupied.

When immigration is discounted, we see that population reduction is well underway in the Western world. Canadian birthrates are only 1.6 per female, well below the 2.1 required for replacement. True to form, the masterminds behind this stupendous achievemnet, the Rockefellers, Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, etc. take no credit.  In the old days while society obeyed religious norms, it was simply called the Prosperity Effect ie rich people tended to have fewer children. But with modern media and the internet in full gear, catering to every taste, we can see the reality is that the 1% is pushing this way. Profits accrue by way of sales of Viagra, sex tourism, Aids treatments, movies, porn, etc.

Just in case there is any slipup, the 1% have arranged the economy, and rules so as to discourage childbearing. Education is made expensive, competitive and mandatory, while wages are squeezed. Who can afford kids these days, let alone 2.1?

The only remaining fly in the Agenda 21 ointment is the continued growth of populations in India, Africa, the third world in general, and pesky pockets such as Canada’s native people, who still seem to know how to get it on.

Having docilized Western people, even to the point of abject acceptance of city pests (Canada Geese, raccoons, skunks, bears, etc) , it only remains to bring the ROW (Rest of World) into line. Fortunately globalists have arranged to transfer wealth and jobs to ROW so that they too can become domesticated to the new reality, the New World Order as it is sometimes called. Westerners, addicted to bread and circuses  will be contented indefinitely. Do not dusturb.

WW3.   People naturally object to the loss of liberty and jobs so evident in Western countries. In addition, the erosion of financial discipline, moral standards, public virtue, tax leakage, etc. brings instability and cognitive dissonance, the inevitable result of which is war, ultimately global war . But since the struggle of war squeezes out excesses and restores virtue (at least for the winners), completing the mission with  a jolly good war is just the right washout, or denoument of Agenda 21.  Excess population (and poverty) gone, virtue restored. The aftermath of WW2 demonstrated this principle. We seem to be well on the way with tensions fomented,  instability and conflict, both  internal and external, growing around the world.

I can’t wait, and hope the reader will join in a sense of shared purpose, excitement and resolve to move our planet toward the coming  golden age. If you have been persuaded by the logical arguments presented herein, please do all you can to ensure a most prosperous, profitable and possibly tasty future. If we all work together, we can finally solve the dilemma of poverty that has plagued humankind since the dawn of time.

Hopefully and blissfully, I remain, your curmudgeonly satirist.

Fallen Elephants – and Mounties

The elephant was ancient, and wrinkled, and huge, and had looong tusks.  What happened?  Poachers.

Ok, so an old elephant gets killed for ivory to sell to the Chinese. Who cares? She was old anyway. Past breeding, so no impact on dwindling population. Useless eater. And the tusks were HUGE. As you can see from the pic, which is now on my desktop, they reached the ground.

The elephant was wise. She knew her tusks were attracting attention and had taken to hiding in bushes. Or so they said.

The elephant was an icon.  She had a name, Satao, a devoted following and as much protection as could be provided without locking her up in a zoo.

A twitter  search for ‘poachers in Kenya‘  got all the bleeding hearts pouring out their blabber.  Blabber drives me nuts – long on sympathy, short on reality.  Same thing for the hours/days after three Mounties were killed in Moncton.  Knee jerk reactions that obscure truth. Deliberately, to this cynics mind.  Constant repetition of the word  senseless.

Obviously not senseless to everybody. The poachers got happy. The Chinese got ivory. Someone likely got paid off. And the govt, which cried crocodile tears, let it all happen despite warnings.  On purpose? To bring sympathy and maybe some extra conservation $$ to this hardscrabble land?  Sorry if you’re offended, but its my job. As for Satao, hopefully the end came quickly. Would she have preferred a pride of lions eating her?

The solution is so blindingly obvious. My wife. She trims our cat’s claws. She trims our dog’s paws. She trims me.  She’d have the tusks trimmed to a nice short, manageable length in no time, after which poachers, with most ivory gone,  would hopefully find something better to do.

My wife is not unique in the world, and this is such an obvious solution, you’d wonder why nobody thought to do it. Bad idea? Shouldn’t be done? Can’t be done? Ok, how do you trim a wild elephant’s tusks? I don’t know, ask my wife! Maybe it would ruin the parade‘s pecking order. Who knows, but to find the real answer, follow the money.

The tourist money. Aah, they kept this old crone around because her tusks were oh-so-photogenic.  Read: full hotels.  For Satao, it wasn’t the poachers, it was the frequent photographers that really motivated her to hide. Or like some old ladies, maybe she became tired of her endowments. Who knows.

This curmudgeon says: ‘Piss or get off the pot. Trim the tusks or don’t, and accept that elephants don’t live forever and that poachers must eat. Tourists will accept a trim.’

Creative solution – make a deal with poachers. Sell futures on baby tusks and let the poacher worry about keeping ‘his’ elephant safe till they reach an agreed size.  Similar to the CO2 trading scheme. Like lumber, price goes up exponentially with size. Money in the bank as long as the tusks keep growing. Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, given the terrain and other dangers, but with a bit of imagination, I’m sure there’s a way to solve this.

So ignore the blubbering and put on yer thinking cap.

When you’re done with the elephants, and got a little practice, switch to the Mountie tragedy, setting aside MSMedia blabbering.  There’s more than one side to that story.  Resentment against cops is all over the internet, day and night.  But, in contrast to  to the Los Vegas cop killing,  where the killers announced their motive, nary a word in Canuk MSMedia, just the usual politically correct answers:  crazies and the cancelled long gun registry. Read: we don’t like armed civilians and we need money for looney bins.   So why would they talk about guns and not about resentment when the killer was so blatant with the lyrics on his website.  Nobody made the connection I thought was obvious.  Only bloggers told me that yet another local cop had been exonerated just two weeks prior, for a killing the previous year.  As for heroics, more taxi drivers get killed than cops.  Parades for cops but not cabbies.  Huffpost did manage to sneak in the bad cop idea but nothing about failed investigations, police unions, outrageous pay and benefits, aggressive attitudes, drones, militarization, closed ranks/ club mentality or any other of the many symptoms of an emerging…. what?  Frank discussion sorely needed.  Hard work, or do we just forget it?  How can anyone not conclude that bigwigs in the media increasingly prefer us not to have our hunting rifles, but keep their protectors sacrosanct.  The real question is:  Why?

Or as Satao would have alarmed, trunk aloft: aaarrUUUUUmpet.

UPDATE Oct 2014: Closely related is the PTSD fiasco, this time triggered by a cop suicide.  I had suspected that PTSD is really a case of cognitive dissonance.  Tonight a CBC interview with Shirley King, psychologist and author, confirmed this when she let slip, inadvertently I’m sure: “Victims often lose faith in the SYSTEM” (emphasis mine).  So my question is – cause or result? I say the former.  How about you?


Nose Holding Not Election Solution

 I take strong exception to the premise of an article by Ryan McGreal in Raise the Hammer, especially the statement: ‘Whether you do this by spoiling your ballot or by FORMALLY DECLINING TO VOTE, the end result is the same.’ [Emphasis added].

While spoiled or blank ballots cannot be attributed to clear motive or sentiment, Election Ontario has confirmed that a declined ballot means essentially ‘none-of-the-above’.  Please visit… and scroll to comments for their wording.

None-of-the-above means either one (passively) doesn’t like any candidate, or more actively, one detests all candidates. It might also mean that even if one likes a fringe party candidate, one feels it would be a wasted vote, since no such candidate ever really stands a chance to be elected, let alone be a part of government.

None-of-the-above is also starting (I hope) to be attached to the message that what is really needed is MMP or some form of proportional representation.  A new party capitalizing on the phrase, advocates for direct democracy, whatever that is.

As for the notion of holding one’s nose, what Ryan advocates is strategic voting. The problem is that if one doesn’t vote for what one actually believes in, but pretends to be a supporter of another party, one is actually being dishonest. If voters are dishonest, why should politicians be honest? The classic notion of public virtue seems to be dead these days, for it applies to all, not just politicians.

The other reason to not hold one’s nose is that Ryan advocates voting for ‘the system’.  If you are a winner, carry on, vote for the team that caters to your group. But the people being squeezed by the system should not be fooled into voting against their own interest, even if nobody actually represents their interest. Whether they get squeezed by higher taxes, lower employment, lower wages, higher prices, inflation, instability or a dozen other ills, hardly matters. Lives will get worse if the system, encouraged by all those foolish votes, continues to squeeze.

The SYSTEM comprises big government, big business and big unions, with a party assigned to each. Those outside this system (mom&pop shops, homeless, students, non-unionized workers, independents, farmers, etc.) should beware false promises being made trying to suck us in.  Folks on Welfare  are particularly vulnerable since many think the NDP represents their interest, as opposed to actually being agents who prefer to keep them where they can be served by a union worker (ie, not solving the underlying problem, or at best advocating outright socialism). Each big party will always reward its constituency at the expense of the rest of us. So unless you’re winning, decline your ballot.

As for those who stay home, I’ve become more tolerant to the point of  even encouraging this strategy. One can see the hand wringing going on over low turnout. Sooner or later this will translate to political action before the pretense of legitimacy is completely lost.

Nose holding is not an honourable solution. Don’t do it.

Herding Cats–Small Political Parties

When times get tough, political parties proliferate – 30s Germany had over 50! Everybody had an opinion and nobody could agree – or apparently, compromise. Things haven’t gotten that bad here, yet, but the signs are clear. For the first time in living memory, people are talking about declining their ballot and there is even a party called NOTA, None Of The Above. Given that the big three (or four) show no sign of relaxing their stranglehold on THE SYSTEM, which as I described in previous posts, is, IMO, the real governing party in a one party state. The SYSTEM tries to seduce the rest of us to vote for it in its three guises. Many do so unwittingly. But since the SYSTEM caters to itself instead of the little people, those on the outside feel estranged and start looking for alternatives. Thus we arrive at the cat herders dilemma.

When our cat goes awol, we go to the door, shake a bag of treats and soon the cat appears. This is what the SYSTEM does – promise treats, even if it can’t deliver.

Getting cats into a herd is almost impossible. Can you imagine Libertarians and Communists trying to agree on anything? Or the Christian Heritage Party agreeing with the Marijuana Party? What to do?

Either you have to trick the cats into following a charismatic leader, fight it out like dogs, or you have to come up with a system to share power through negotiations or other means. Hitler chose other means.  Since my kids tell me my charisma value is zero I have to work on the third idea – coming up with a system to share power.

Looking around, one can find coalitions in the parliaments of many countries. Parties form, then coalesce into a larger unit. Many think the Greens and NDP will coalesce. Or the NDP and Liberals.

I would like to propose a system for giving the small groups a better shot at gettincg a seat. We all know the largest party by far in Ontario today, is the party of non-voters. But if they behave like cats, we will never get anywhere. The 2014 election sports about 20 parties. So if the 50% non-voting block splits into that many parties, nobody will be able to unseat THE SYSTEM’s contenders. Do the numbers. Only if folks can hold their nose and vote for a single alternative candidate can we hope for success.

I therefore propose a rutting system, similar to Moose ruts, where males, or in this case, parties jockey for position by means of raising funds or memberships. Whoever raises the most funds/members for a congress, gets to be the candidate in that riding. Same thing in other ridings. Under this system, 100 ridings might be represented by candidates from 3 or 4 parties, who will all run under one banner, lets call it the Smorgasbord Party, SP. So SP might field 100 candidates, split evenly or otherwise amongst Libertarians, Freedom Party, Family Coalition, NOTA and The People’s Party.

What about the platform? People assume this will be the biggest stumbling block, which is what I’m trying to avoid with this proposal. Which I why I gave it the temporary name of Smorgasbord. Initially at least, there would be no requirement for party cohesion. Really there is no need unless one assumes that the Smorgasbord would actually become the governing party–an unlikely outcome I’ll come to later. So the Smorgasbordians go to Queens Park and advocate, each MPP according to his original political affiliation. Smorgasbordians will vote for and against other Smorgasbordians. I see nothing wrong with this. In fact it is healthy and I’d expect Smorgasbordians to potentially hold balance of power in minority governments, giving them great opportunity to bring long suppressed concerns to light.

If you’re thinking this is simply a form of MMP (mixed member proportional) system that was advocated in the 2007 referendum, well, guilty as charged. It was a great shame that this proposal was rammed past the people in haste. On purpose? So THEY can blame the people for their own misfortune?

Cats (Smorgasbordians) should not aspire to run the joint. It should only aspire to hold the government’s feet to the fire with respect to folks who cannot join the SYSTEM. They should aspire simply to stop THE SYSTEM from running roughshod over little people ie. by passing regulations, as they often do, that only members of the SYSTEM can meet. Small town butchers have almost gone extinct in this way since a govt inspector must witness the slaughter of any cow. Thus large packers processing hundreds of cows a day have squeezed out the little guy – again.

The difficulty of course will be to get the cats, the small parties to agree to work within such a system. Another difficulty will be to get the kittens, us voters, to support SP even if one’s local candidate runs counter to one’s political disposition, on the premise that such support will morph to another riding where the platform does represent one’s views. If the cat voter gives up, all is lost, so there is much incentive to make it work.

Yes, no?  Whaddya think?

Yer curmudgeonly scribe.

the OTHER Parties

Ontario Elections 2014

Allow me  a rant if you please:

Unless you’re in the top 30%, don’t, whatever you do, get sucked by MSMedia into thinking you waste your vote if you don’t vote for one of the big 3:  Liberals, Conservatives or NDP!  MSM supports them because it benefits MSM, not you.  That’s because these parties comprise THE SYSTEM the MSM is part of, the SYSTEM that sells Canada into foreign hands while undermining what it means to be Canadian – trading your sovereignty for their benefits.  That is why participation rates are plummeting — folks recognize there is really no choice, no difference, nothing will change anyway.

Remember – a strategic vote is a dishonest vote (not really what you want).  If you vote dishonestly, how can you expect politicians to be honest?  Your real choices are given below.

Many folks are also fooled into thinking that at least the NDP would change things. Well no, the NDP is a union based party and unions work for bureaucrats/ large corporations who essentially exert unstoppable influence over the SYSTEM. As we saw with the Rae government, they will reward their power base by maintaining unfair public sector benefits despite the meltdown going on amongst taxpayers.

You can be sure that readers who are winners in the present system  will vote for whichever part of the SYSTEM they inhabit.

End rant.   I’ll simply review, from my Curmudgeonly perspective, the OTHER choices available.  While I’ve tried to be accurate, inevitably I’ve screwed up somewheres.  So please check websites directly.

Green Party Ontario
Most folks will correctly presume that the next best strategic choice would be the Greens, who have been gaining seats around the world. Indeed, I was duly impressed by the interview of Green leader on Ontario Today. Seems sharp, well informed and opened my mind on some subjects such as low resource royalties in Ontario.  Despite my considerable interest in sustainability issues, I cannot ignore the 800 lb green gorilla – carbon taxes and green subsidies. The latter transfers wealth from poor to rich and the former trashes democracy and sovereignty through international agreements that, once signed are virtually impossible to undo or rectify. Despite good impression, no thanks, the price is too high and would not go over with the soldiers who died in WW2.

Libertarians and their cousins, the Freedom Party.

These are the next most represented parties on the ballot so we shouldn’t ignore them. Except I think of Libertarians as
The Party of No Government and
The natural home of Neo Cons/Neo Libs

Not somethnig I normally wish for but I do respect the former presence of Ron Paul, perhaps the most well known libertarian, in US politics, even if as some say, he is/might be a Freemason. Whether he is or not, he seems to have retained his integrity. We could do with such a person in Queens Park. A whif of libertarian logic is not a bad thing, just I wouldn’t want too many of them Darwinians controlling my future.

Same for the Freedom Party,
Ontario’s Freedom Party calls for an end to a ban on holiday retail sales, or calls for elimination of the provincial income tax (which was introduced by the province’s Progressive Conservatives in 1969), or proposes that the budget be balanced and health care fixed by subjecting the province’s government health insurance monopoly to competition.

Let’s hope one or two of these logical folk gets a seat someday.

Moving to the opposite end of the spectrum….

Communist Party of Onntario
Slogan: ‘Another Ontario is Possible’
‘Good jobs, better pensions, a livable minimum wage
Qualiy public services, healthcare and hospitals’

Looking their site over, one can’t help but be conflicted. Everything they list such as the first two items above sounds so reasonable. Why not, who would argue?  But we know that Russia and China, the two top Communist states are anything but normal and nice, though I’ve softened up on China after being there and seeing things first hand. Seems like a great place for any Canadian kid just graduated to get a start on their career – much better than general prospects in Canada –  low paying, filler jobs/ internships many have to put up with if they stick around our broken foreign worker economy.

Well, I’ve never been much of a socialist and I think you’d have to listen for hours, days and years to really figure out what they really stand for. Let’s leave it at that on this site or if you want to have a crack, fire away on the comment section.

Also Socialist Party of Ontario
Well developed website, full of stirring words: “does not seek to restore or rehabilitate the Keynesian Welfare State, rather it seeks to promote the full integration of all citizens in a manner that reaffirms the party’s determination to transform society from the existing neo-liberal, capitalist system that has only profits as its primary consideration to one that privileges social cohesion and is truly democratic, inclusive and poverty free.” Who can argue with that?

NOTA – None of the Above Party
I’m enthused about NOTA as outlined in previous post. Greg Vezina is just gonna go in blazing. Their platform is basic: “the 3Rs of Democracy = Direct Democracy= Responsible Government + Referendum + Recall”.  I’m sold on referenda (& MMP/not mentioned} but not direct democracy ( mob rule?)  Do you really think you or I can make hundreds of decisions on complex issues that interplay with everything else? Bureaucrats write thousands of pages of reports for politicians. Which is why we have representative democracy.

Is recall really practical for individual MPPs or is it just a way for factions to form and beat up on a hapless MPP just trying to do their job? Hey, one of the reasons everyone is pissed off is that our representatives actually learn stuff when they get to Queens Park that we plebs do not learn, then they act on that learning. Consequences, costs, concepts, etc.

Regardless,  concerns about NOTA’s thin platform are just not important at this stage. It will be years / decades and plenty of discussion before these ideas actually get implemented. Just vote against the system and for the person.

Let’s digress to reflect on the difficulty of making serious change – the problem of getting consensus on a wide diversity of concepts. Simalar to herding cats. Everybody has different opinions so the temptation (& best strategy) is to say as little as possible, but people also need to be educated too as to what is realistic. Occupy was accused of lacking focus. Of course, the details out of whack number in thousands. Certain changes are ok but others are very dangerous. Caution is needed.

So, enthused as I am about NOTA, other parties that have put much thought into political solutions also deserve your serious consideration.

Family Coalition Party of Ontario
Toll Free:1-888-327-2386
My political alma mater. I got involved in, and ran on behalf of this pro-life party because of my concern that the attack on family values combined with changes in society were undermining the basic viability of families, (especially in schools) that reduces our ability to raise a healthy next generation. The pro life issue didn’t interest me until I learned that abortion has prevented about 4 million people from being born since the 1960s. This is a huge hit to our demographics with far reaching ramifications we should think about – immigration, Canadian values, health care costs for boomers, etc. I still feel this way but then ran into the dilemma of all small parties (with odd names)- the need to either grow, die, or acquire a worthy existence through an MMP system (something that opens the door to small parties.) Once MMP disappeared, I had to face the fact that such parties are dismissed as fringe by MSMedia and are therefore stuck. Thus, I had to confront the reality there was a SYSTEM – including the media- and I/we are on the outside.  We must seek new ways of reacting to that reality. This transcends  family/life issues, important though they are.

Equal Parenting Party
This party is basically reacting to the unfair treatment that fathers get in divorce courts and is pushing for fixing laws so as to make each partner start from a position of equality.  The concern is real- would be nice if this party could elect at least one person.

Canadian’s Choice 
4 candidates
“a natural for independent candidates who, by definition, are not beholden to Party Leaders and rigid “top down” party policies, and are the only candidates who by definition work for you, the voters, and not for the established parties.” This party is trying to solve the leadership / party discipline conundrum and offers what might be called a smorgasbord. Not a bad idea, imo. Why does a party need a platform anyway? You might scoff at what might seem an Italian solution but imperious scoffing isn’t appropriate for a very successful economy, despite bizarre politics.
Also supports recall and referendum. Interested in monetary issues.

Pauper Party of Ontario the Argentine Solution and Abolitionist Party of Canada
aims for the institution of interest-free government loans (bonds), the end of policing of gambling, sex, and drug use, and the abolition of the welfare system.

I may have more to say later as this party touches on monetary issues, shades of my Canadian Action Party days.

Party for People with Special Needs
Self explanatory.

The Peoples Political Party

ban lobbyists, universal health care, ban public sector unions, childrens rights, MMP or proportional representation,
Despite paucity of info, not a bad speaker (preacher style). Anything people oriented these days is worth a listen. The leader is also running for Toronto mayor.

Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party

Mandate: Direct democracy, referenda, etc. It focused on competition in health care and education (privatization?), repealing price controls on electricity, the replacement of property taxes with consumption taxes, and the elimination of provincial income tax. Bilingualism policy subject to referendum.

Northern Ontario Heritage Party
3 candidates
more or less self explanatory

Ontario Moderate Party
return back from HST to GST, fair auto insurance, eliminate gasoline tax
“The Ontario Moderate Party is a party of the political center. We seek to combine civil liberties and moderate economic”
the gas tax thing lost me – despite high gas prices, we seem to love gas guzzling SUVs & pickups, which means gas is still to cheap/subsidized.  Chalk up one for the Greens.

Vegan Environmental Party
animal rights
Well, I’m married to a carnivore so I better move on!

Trillium Party of Ontario

no luck finding info on this one

Hope that helps in your decisionmaking.  Please comment on any errors or omissions or whatever turns your crank

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None Of The Above – a New Political Party

My prayers have been answered.  A new political party is born in Ontario.  Its called None Of The Above Party, (abbreviates to NOTA)!  Isn’t that wild?  Somehow this party has come into existence, been approved by Elections Ontario and fielded a slate of eight candidates, six of them in Mississauga–home of Hazel McCallion, possibly the oldest mayor in the world.  Did some of her famous practical reasoning rub off!  

NOTA is the brainchild of businessman Greg Vezina (pronounced Vesna or Vezna) who received honourable mention on TVO’s The Agenda May 29  show Pushing Out the Vote.  Good on Greg.  I then watched a friendly interview on NOTA’s facebook page.  My first impression was favourable despite NOTA having a thin platform.  Greg is one of those people, unlike me, who pay attention to the minutiae of politics (who-did-what-to-whom) and who I think would be quite valuable as an MPP, bringing concerns energetically to the floor that no other mainstream party would dare mention.  And if one or two managed to get elected– a miracle of the first order– I doubt Ontario or democracy or the economy would sink into the ocean any more than under the already crushing weight of our monumental provincial debt.  And it certainly is a development which brings into sharp focus that disenchanted voters are staying away in droves.

A more positive take is that NOTA would likely serve as a lightening rod for disaffected voters, who would undoubtedly fill the ears and minds of NOTA notables with all manner of issues that should be voiced at Queens Park.  Just what the doctor ordered, as my dad used to say.

Definitely this election just got more interesting.

Here’s the rub.

As detailed in my previous blog, I’d sent an email to Elections Ontario requesting/ demanding that voters be given the option of explicitly – ie. without confusion- indicating their displeasure by being able to select ‘none of the above‘ as a final option on the ballot.  I’d hoped that such a strategy would serve to increase turnout, and would serve to bring the stark reality home to politicians just how disillusioned many of us are.  Did I get what I wanted?  Nope.  Since NOTA has no candidate in my riding, I still cannot make clear my frustration except by declining my ballot, which,  as I said, is not explicit and could happen for any number of reasons.  Perhaps I’d have an argument with the returning officer or just get out of  bed on the wrong side that day.

What to do?  Should I take Elections Ontario to task, in court or otherwise for allowing a confusing party name?  Like if they gave me what I asked, they would have to print,  for the Mississauga riding, a line showing ‘none of the above‘ just below the line showing None Of The Above!! Confusing, no? Couldn’t the party have been called Disillusioned Voters Party?  Hey, like stuck cars on Toronto’s DVP!  🙂

I’d hate to give Elections Ontario an excuse to force  NOTA party candidates off the ballot.  And the idea of allowing a non-entity / non-person option onto the ballot is a bit far fetched, potentially necessitating another run-off election if more voters selected ‘none of the above‘ than any of the real candidates.  A good idea, imo, but one that would have to be legislated into existence as noted by,  an unrelated (US) website.

Hmm, what to do?  Let me know what you think and please stay tuned.  Hopefully you’ll be able to see my questionable visage somewhere in Mississauga helping this fledgling effort along.

Bob Curmudgeonly Innes