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Ontario Elections 2014

Allow me  a rant if you please:

Unless you’re in the top 30%, don’t, whatever you do, get sucked by MSMedia into thinking you waste your vote if you don’t vote for one of the big 3:  Liberals, Conservatives or NDP!  MSM supports them because it benefits MSM, not you.  That’s because these parties comprise THE SYSTEM the MSM is part of, the SYSTEM that sells Canada into foreign hands while undermining what it means to be Canadian – trading your sovereignty for their benefits.  That is why participation rates are plummeting — folks recognize there is really no choice, no difference, nothing will change anyway.

Remember – a strategic vote is a dishonest vote (not really what you want).  If you vote dishonestly, how can you expect politicians to be honest?  Your real choices are given below.

Many folks are also fooled into thinking that at least the NDP would change things. Well no, the NDP is a union based party and unions work for bureaucrats/ large corporations who essentially exert unstoppable influence over the SYSTEM. As we saw with the Rae government, they will reward their power base by maintaining unfair public sector benefits despite the meltdown going on amongst taxpayers.

You can be sure that readers who are winners in the present system  will vote for whichever part of the SYSTEM they inhabit.

End rant.   I’ll simply review, from my Curmudgeonly perspective, the OTHER choices available.  While I’ve tried to be accurate, inevitably I’ve screwed up somewheres.  So please check websites directly.

Green Party Ontario
Most folks will correctly presume that the next best strategic choice would be the Greens, who have been gaining seats around the world. Indeed, I was duly impressed by the interview of Green leader on Ontario Today. Seems sharp, well informed and opened my mind on some subjects such as low resource royalties in Ontario.  Despite my considerable interest in sustainability issues, I cannot ignore the 800 lb green gorilla – carbon taxes and green subsidies. The latter transfers wealth from poor to rich and the former trashes democracy and sovereignty through international agreements that, once signed are virtually impossible to undo or rectify. Despite good impression, no thanks, the price is too high and would not go over with the soldiers who died in WW2.

Libertarians and their cousins, the Freedom Party.

These are the next most represented parties on the ballot so we shouldn’t ignore them. Except I think of Libertarians as
The Party of No Government and
The natural home of Neo Cons/Neo Libs

Not somethnig I normally wish for but I do respect the former presence of Ron Paul, perhaps the most well known libertarian, in US politics, even if as some say, he is/might be a Freemason. Whether he is or not, he seems to have retained his integrity. We could do with such a person in Queens Park. A whif of libertarian logic is not a bad thing, just I wouldn’t want too many of them Darwinians controlling my future.

Same for the Freedom Party,
Ontario’s Freedom Party calls for an end to a ban on holiday retail sales, or calls for elimination of the provincial income tax (which was introduced by the province’s Progressive Conservatives in 1969), or proposes that the budget be balanced and health care fixed by subjecting the province’s government health insurance monopoly to competition.

Let’s hope one or two of these logical folk gets a seat someday.

Moving to the opposite end of the spectrum….

Communist Party of Onntario
Slogan: ‘Another Ontario is Possible’
‘Good jobs, better pensions, a livable minimum wage
Qualiy public services, healthcare and hospitals’

Looking their site over, one can’t help but be conflicted. Everything they list such as the first two items above sounds so reasonable. Why not, who would argue?  But we know that Russia and China, the two top Communist states are anything but normal and nice, though I’ve softened up on China after being there and seeing things first hand. Seems like a great place for any Canadian kid just graduated to get a start on their career – much better than general prospects in Canada –  low paying, filler jobs/ internships many have to put up with if they stick around our broken foreign worker economy.

Well, I’ve never been much of a socialist and I think you’d have to listen for hours, days and years to really figure out what they really stand for. Let’s leave it at that on this site or if you want to have a crack, fire away on the comment section.

Also Socialist Party of Ontario
Well developed website, full of stirring words: “does not seek to restore or rehabilitate the Keynesian Welfare State, rather it seeks to promote the full integration of all citizens in a manner that reaffirms the party’s determination to transform society from the existing neo-liberal, capitalist system that has only profits as its primary consideration to one that privileges social cohesion and is truly democratic, inclusive and poverty free.” Who can argue with that?

NOTA – None of the Above Party
I’m enthused about NOTA as outlined in previous post. Greg Vezina is just gonna go in blazing. Their platform is basic: “the 3Rs of Democracy = Direct Democracy= Responsible Government + Referendum + Recall”.  I’m sold on referenda (& MMP/not mentioned} but not direct democracy ( mob rule?)  Do you really think you or I can make hundreds of decisions on complex issues that interplay with everything else? Bureaucrats write thousands of pages of reports for politicians. Which is why we have representative democracy.

Is recall really practical for individual MPPs or is it just a way for factions to form and beat up on a hapless MPP just trying to do their job? Hey, one of the reasons everyone is pissed off is that our representatives actually learn stuff when they get to Queens Park that we plebs do not learn, then they act on that learning. Consequences, costs, concepts, etc.

Regardless,  concerns about NOTA’s thin platform are just not important at this stage. It will be years / decades and plenty of discussion before these ideas actually get implemented. Just vote against the system and for the person.

Let’s digress to reflect on the difficulty of making serious change – the problem of getting consensus on a wide diversity of concepts. Simalar to herding cats. Everybody has different opinions so the temptation (& best strategy) is to say as little as possible, but people also need to be educated too as to what is realistic. Occupy was accused of lacking focus. Of course, the details out of whack number in thousands. Certain changes are ok but others are very dangerous. Caution is needed.

So, enthused as I am about NOTA, other parties that have put much thought into political solutions also deserve your serious consideration.

Family Coalition Party of Ontario
Toll Free:1-888-327-2386
My political alma mater. I got involved in, and ran on behalf of this pro-life party because of my concern that the attack on family values combined with changes in society were undermining the basic viability of families, (especially in schools) that reduces our ability to raise a healthy next generation. The pro life issue didn’t interest me until I learned that abortion has prevented about 4 million people from being born since the 1960s. This is a huge hit to our demographics with far reaching ramifications we should think about – immigration, Canadian values, health care costs for boomers, etc. I still feel this way but then ran into the dilemma of all small parties (with odd names)- the need to either grow, die, or acquire a worthy existence through an MMP system (something that opens the door to small parties.) Once MMP disappeared, I had to face the fact that such parties are dismissed as fringe by MSMedia and are therefore stuck. Thus, I had to confront the reality there was a SYSTEM – including the media- and I/we are on the outside.  We must seek new ways of reacting to that reality. This transcends  family/life issues, important though they are.

Equal Parenting Party
This party is basically reacting to the unfair treatment that fathers get in divorce courts and is pushing for fixing laws so as to make each partner start from a position of equality.  The concern is real- would be nice if this party could elect at least one person.

Canadian’s Choice 
4 candidates
“a natural for independent candidates who, by definition, are not beholden to Party Leaders and rigid “top down” party policies, and are the only candidates who by definition work for you, the voters, and not for the established parties.” This party is trying to solve the leadership / party discipline conundrum and offers what might be called a smorgasbord. Not a bad idea, imo. Why does a party need a platform anyway? You might scoff at what might seem an Italian solution but imperious scoffing isn’t appropriate for a very successful economy, despite bizarre politics.
Also supports recall and referendum. Interested in monetary issues.

Pauper Party of Ontario the Argentine Solution and Abolitionist Party of Canada
aims for the institution of interest-free government loans (bonds), the end of policing of gambling, sex, and drug use, and the abolition of the welfare system.

I may have more to say later as this party touches on monetary issues, shades of my Canadian Action Party days.

Party for People with Special Needs
Self explanatory.

The Peoples Political Party

ban lobbyists, universal health care, ban public sector unions, childrens rights, MMP or proportional representation,
Despite paucity of info, not a bad speaker (preacher style). Anything people oriented these days is worth a listen. The leader is also running for Toronto mayor.

Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party

Mandate: Direct democracy, referenda, etc. It focused on competition in health care and education (privatization?), repealing price controls on electricity, the replacement of property taxes with consumption taxes, and the elimination of provincial income tax. Bilingualism policy subject to referendum.

Northern Ontario Heritage Party
3 candidates
more or less self explanatory

Ontario Moderate Party
return back from HST to GST, fair auto insurance, eliminate gasoline tax
“The Ontario Moderate Party is a party of the political center. We seek to combine civil liberties and moderate economic”
the gas tax thing lost me – despite high gas prices, we seem to love gas guzzling SUVs & pickups, which means gas is still to cheap/subsidized.  Chalk up one for the Greens.

Vegan Environmental Party
animal rights
Well, I’m married to a carnivore so I better move on!

Trillium Party of Ontario

no luck finding info on this one

Hope that helps in your decisionmaking.  Please comment on any errors or omissions or whatever turns your crank

Bob, your Curmudgeonly scribe



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lee on 2014/06/06 at 2:38 am

    History to repeat itself again full of promises June /14 Ontario elections
    .So is the politics of politicians.
    The whole corporation of government needs to be totally revamped to fit with today’s social intellectuality. None of the parties seem to know on how to even revamp the whole banking /monetary system, thus the same old, same old
    We need to be freed from corporate Canada
    Also, selling nationalized assets is short term vision for personal gains.
    Why anyone would want to sell a cash cow.
    Natural resource assets should be kept Canadian owned for the vitality and survival of the population and interference in control from outside influences.

    With Todays technology The People should be running the affairs of our own household, being the Nation . It is a false believe that we are not capable of doing so. We have never been given a chance to decide of the affairs that need and should be dealt with from year to year. This would avoid personal agendas and corporate corruption.
    Direct government exists already , eg. Switzerland. A government by the people for the People.
    To give an example here. I did not approve the Liberal proposal for the Oakville refinery. This was so dumb of a decision specially being in the richest area of Oakville.
    I also did not authorize the hand out to Israel. Harper should learn to manage his own house first before giving out money left and right. These are Politician’s personal agenda’s for personal gains, at the cost of our LABOR ASSET
    Yet Rob Ford got crucified for handing out $20 to Ontario housing residents for Tim Horton’s coffee (Christmas)
    Society been sold on the ideia of a perfect politician/person, Yet there is no one without sins. The whole political arena needs total renewal in my opinion
    If less than 51% of the voting population do not vote than no government should be elected. The reason people don’t vote is due to the fact that we as a society have not been educated on the social responsibility we owe to each other. From the looks of it we have been misguided, again for personal Self-Egoism.


  2. Posted by Dante Prudente on 2014/06/07 at 11:25 am

    Nice little summary to help educate the uneducated. Just a scratch but we have to start some where… Hey Curmudgeon why not do an expose on each of the “Other” Parties polices or lack of them in a separate reports leading up to the election…. hurry hurry hurry!

    The big issue with the “other” parties is that some of the smaller
    fringe” one lack a position on the major issues choosing to focus on either advocacy fort specialized interests (Northern Heritage Party (manufacturing, mining, logging etc), FCP & CHP(abortion ‘Christian issues’), Greens (environmental issues). Who needs “another special interest group”? We don’t. Many of these fridge parties issues over lap. Why are some not absorbed into the larger parties who also cover the exact same issues…? (i.e Greens and NDP or Socialist/Communist). Again specialized interests or special interest groups.

    Personally every party has some point worth exploring in a democracy but I can’t support ANY! So it seems ALL of these parties and the Big 3 are backed by special interest groups. The only party I have an inkling of interest in is the Libertarians. Unfortunately this party has too vague of a focus to attract any serious support.

    I had a great phone conversation with Glenn Langton of the Libertarian Party a few months ago while working to put together a show that would focus on the so called ‘fringe parties” and unfair media coverage (fyi I do not find ANY difference in the so called MSMedia and the alleged Alternative Media). Glenn seemed to understand that the Party did need definitive focus rather then just a broad position that we need less government (Bureaucracy) and less laws (legislation) restricting lives. Good for him and hopefully they can grow in policy which is what they lack due to the nature of what the popular (largely American) notion of what Libertarianism is. However for this very reason (lack of definitive policy) I am deterred from supporting them.

    I think that “spoiling” the ballot is the only ‘current’ option however simply voting for the cornucopia of very small parries in droves would send a strong message to the larger parties to say “we don’t trust” you. However most voter are either in support of the special interests of these larger parries (unions, green issues, pro Choice) to some degree…. or they are confused as to what these parties really stand for blinded by ideology. If all the non voters voted there they could make a strong statement. However they do not as many are actually uninterested in politics in general and like to complain but never get involved and so it’s not as simple as “they are disillusioned – that’s just the excuse… so much for direct democracy!

    Special NOTE: I DO NOT like this NOTA party (safe to say they will not get far due to what I say in the preceding paragraph) however what I think is deceiving is that people may confuse NTA with believing that they are actually declining to vote for ANY party and casting a true vote of “non-confidence” NTA is NOT “one of the Above” but an actual political party. Which brings me to my final point…

    A true vote of “non confidence” s/b an actual box on the ballot that clearly indicates non confidence in ANY party listed. If one simply does not vote or spoils their ballot as an attempt to cast a vote of non confidence… this DOES NOT tell Elections Canada and the Canadians why they did it. It could be they just screwed up or did not understand the language with the now multicultural demographic…It does not specifically say we reject ALL parties and ideologies and state that NONE of these parties have the confidence of the people. in other words… go back and try it again your policies and ideologies are NOT what Canadians want!

    What we need is a true box to clearly voice a resounding NO!

    I believe that Elections Canada should place this choice on the Ballot. None of the Above and then promote to Canadians that they now have this option. This is the only true way to cast a vote of non confidence and say No one wins as all parties DO NOT HAVE THE CONFIDENCE OF THE PEOPLE. Go back reformulate and give the people what they want, I think that if this were to happen we would have a chance to see if people are really just apathetic, lazy, uninterested (ambiguous) or would actually take action and vote to push for change.

    People need educating. Keep it up Curmudgeon.


    • Posted by Lee on 2014/06/09 at 11:55 pm

      most people are interested in voting if only there is someone who can give a dam about them. History and the political life and structure as made most of the folklore to see voting as a useless mandate. Another words
      Why vote: if the same old same old. Promises, promises
      Politicians representing the people so they think, find out soon enough who behind the curtains runs the show.
      Politicians have no control over the government corporation.
      They must do what the corporation body tells them to do and good-buy to the folks that vote them in .
      If only we would understand what the government corporation is and who owns it.

      I believe in direct government where the people decide on what issues need be accomplished year over year,. At least the politician would be working towards the nation best interest according to the majority vote. This would dis-mental the behind the scenes authorities of influence
      Politicians don’t even go there and rather believe in the current system in place( the same old, same old) ( personal gain;;;;;; self-ego)
      Politicians do not hold the voting power to make changes. (Just little bids here and there to keep people off their back)
      ( 100 political heads are very easily controlled and manipulated)
      Only the people as a majority do.
      Yet we are so fragile to exercise our own God given rights and therefore back to the same old.
      90% of the .vote is held by the people. If we as a nation would come to understand that.

      Go and vote we are all responsible for each other.
      The Non-of the Above vote should be a vote like any other.


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