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Ukraine- Partition Not War

Open Letter to Obama, Putin, Harper.

I and too many bloggers think WW3 is too possible, even if mainstream media tries to paint otherwise. The games being played are dangerous, unnecessary and often result in disruptive migrations so I’m asking all leaders to adopt Partition to rectify such tension.

It is becoming obvious that artificial borders and historical mixing of incompatible groups has been a mistake. If divide-and-rule was the motivation, it is now exposed as dangerously unstable in a multipolar, nuclear world.

It would be a mistake to return to historical Balkanized boundaries that exacerbated ethnic conflict.  There is nothing wrong with people coalescing into more homogeneous groupings, just as ISIS is attempting – with inhuman brutality. Regardless of what liberal globalists think is desirable, given fundamental incompatibility, and only empty platitudes to bridge differences, timely separation of such groups is the only sensible solution.

Why does partition need war and destruction? The environment takes a beating and finite resources get downgraded to CO2 and contamination. Are we not intelligent enough to avoid incessant skirmishes, which could easily escalate into WW3?

The solution is to simply acknowledge when underlying tensions have become untenable, put partition to a referendum, and encourage people to move to their preferred zone, trading their house & jobs with people on the other side, just as in a normal real estate/ job market. No need to kill, destroy or bankrupt a nation trying to maintain boundaries for ego and pride. A simple incentive plan would be far more economical than war, even if armament industries might lose business.

In the instance of Ukraine, I want to express my strong disapproval of the insistence on pluralism / multiculturalism as a marketing principle, or economic factors (business/ pipeline/ gas) as a motivating principle. Ukraine is obviously an artificial construct composed of two primary groups, unhappily joined. Canada has its Quebec, but Quebec is not contiguous to France. Different story. The people of Ukraine should sort themselves out peaceably by moving, and let boundaries be adjusted, even periodically, according to regional numbers and other easily understood principles. Each region should formalize its character in its laws, language, customs and relationships. If possible, anomalous small contended areas like Moldova should be attached to larger areas.  By negotiation and relocation.

I certainly have no stomach for Canada becoming involved in such internal conflict except to assist and mediate. There is no need for war. Just encourage partition and provide incentives for people to make realistic peaceful change.  Let Ukraine build on Czechoslovakia as a model for a better future.

In hope,

Robert Innes